. Since 1986, speaking for those who can't speak for themselves.

​​​​​​​​This page is dedicated to demonstrating People For Animal's impact in the Middle Tennessee area. The following statements were made by people in need who were helped by this organization to do the right thing. Rather than our telling you about what we have accomplished, listen to the people who were helped the most.


"Thank you so, so much for helping to fix my Bella. I'm medically retired and could not have afforded it. God bless!"

- Billy Joe King Jr.  

"Thank you so very much to People for Animals and Adrienne R. for being so amazing and making me feel so comfortable on the phone, I felt like I had known her for years. Thank you for all that you guys do, you made my experience GREAT!!!!!"

- Kimberly R. Baskin‎

A woman from Marshall County who lives solely on her deceased husband's $744 monthly Social Security check called People for Animals for help spaying & neutering two kittens abandoned at her apartment complex.  We learned that she had several other cats and we were surprised to learn that her doctor said she needed them for her health and we-being.  In fact, she attributes a lot of her recovery from illnesses to the comfort that her cats give her. "They keep me going and I would do anything in my power to help them."  We were so happy to help her get these last kittens fixed so they too can enjoy a healthy life with her.

From Lost and Trapped to Happy Ever After:
This is Dusty.  She was found on Interstate 40 at exit 163.  Her rescuer heard a loud scream coming from a car parked next to his.  After investigation he found Dusty stuck in the engine. He couldn't help but take her home after the owner of the car said he had no idea where Dusty came from or how she got in his car   PFA was contacted for assistance with the cost of having Dusty spayed so the new owner could keep her.  Dusty now has a family of two adults, one toddler that loves her beyond belief and one dog that obeys her every whim.  She has been described as "as sweet as can be". 

"Thanks to this wonderful group of caring people, this urban kitty will have no more litters of kittens for the predators to get them. She was spayed yesterday, with a rabies vaccine and an antibiotic shot. Total cost was 84. But with your donation of 40. I only had to pay 44. I picked her up this morning, fed her, then released her in our urban hood. Special thanks goes out to Adrienne R. who approved the partial donation. Keep up all the great work you do because I know that all appreciate it."

​​- Lynn Yaklyvich

"Muffin is a precious little kitten that means the world to our family. She has a huge personality and loves playing with her sister (the chihuahua). Thanks to your amazing program Muffin will be able to live a long, healthy, and happy life without the worry of ever being pregnant. We are so grateful for your services! Thank you so much for helping our family."

- Amber Case