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If you need assistance to get your pet spayed or neutered, please call our hotline at 615-794-8925.  Leave you name and a daytime or evening phone number where you can be reached.  Our volunteers try to return all calls within 48 hours. Or complete the PFA Form.

​​​​Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

People For Animals (PFA) provides financial assistance to pet owners in Middle Tennessee who need help with the cost of having their dog or cat spayed/neutered.  The path to PFA spay/neuter assistance begins when a pet owner calls our hotline at 615-794-8925 requesting financial help.  The hotline is staffed by volunteers called “screeners” whose goal is to help people who care about their pets but lack sufficient financial resource to afford the surgeries.  Through a conversation with one of those volunteers, information is shared about the type and level of assistance needed and the clinic that pet owner will go to.  The screener completes a certificate for each pet and faxes it to the agreed-upon, geographically convenient clinic on our list.  The pet owner is responsible for making their appointment with that participating vet clinic. 

From that point on, the clinic is in charge.  They advise pet owners of their pre-surgery protocols and make any and all health decisions regarding that pet. Following the surgery, the pet owner pays the clinic for their portion of the surgery cost and any additional charges (vaccinations, etc.) not covered by the PFA certificate.  The clinic bills PFA for the remaining cost of that surgery.

Additional facts about this program:

  • PFA has a list of over 15 clinics throughout Middle TN that offer us reduced prices on spays and neuters.  Offering a low cost to in-need pet owners is achieved in a 3-way collaboration between clinics, PFA and the pet owner.

  • Different levels of assistance are available to accommodate the different levels of need indicated by pet owners.

  • All clinics are independently owned and staffed by veterinarians who are licensed and in good standing in Tennessee.

  • Pet owners can leave messages on the hotline at any time during the week.  An attempt will be made to return their call within 48 hours, depending on call volume.

  • Each year over 95% of all PFA expenses go to pay vet bills for spays and neuters!  

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