. Since 1986, speaking for those who can't speak for themselves.

In Memory Of:

Ann and David Logan…Barbie Lovet

Ann Logan, so proud of the great work…Jo Williams

Toby…my best friend …Ann Conway

Lucas and Bo---for your unconditional love

Bobbie Cupp

Ronnie Douglas

Theresa Douglas

Adrienne Robins –In honor of Adrienne Robins and in appreciation of all you all do to end animal suffering.   I hear about your efforts practically on a daily basis and I admire your good work.   You make a difference.   Thank you again for your hard work and great program.    Anonymous

Carol Wissman – India Watterson

Snowball & Patch – Donna Clemens

Boaz, Rufus, Tom & Tabitha  -- Christopher and Ida Marie Carlough

Special Gifts

For all of us who make a lifetime commitment to our pets, that last day does come; and unless it comes suddenly, we will be faced with a decision. Certainly it is a solemn decision to be made with your veterinarian’s advice and your own love and commitment to your animal companion, But what greater gift of unselfish love could you offer?

People for Animals truly appreciates those who understand the special bond that forms between animals and people. We dedicate this space to those fortunate enough to feel that kind of love.  Honor your special animal or human friend with a gift to PFA!  We sincerely thank all members and friends for their generous gifts.

All donations are Tax-deductible as allowed by law. 

In Honor Of:

Coco, beloved companion of Shirley Swan of Thompson Station, TN - donation made by Jessica Jennette

Jack, Josie & Judy three wonderful dogs who gave years of unconditional love and are greatly missed by the Rutledge Family  of Franklin, TN.   Donation made by Judy Flatt

Putter, Border Collie.  Died January 6, 2015.   He was 15 yrs old.   He was a rescue.   Pet owner- Larry & Kathryn Keaton of Franklin, TN.   Donation made by Suzanne & Tom Berrey    

Dixie Hall, wife of Tom T. Hall of Franklin, TN.   Donation made by Calvin Lehew

Isabella pet of Mr. Billy Joe Gray of Nashville, TN.   Donation made by Jessica Jennette 

Buttercup pet of Suan and Jimmy Shannon of Franklin, TN.  Donation made by Jessica Jennette 

Lefty, beautiful greyhound and longtime companion of Dr. Amy Vehec of Franklin, TN.   Donation made by Jessica Jennette   

Ann Marie Eltoft of Franklin, TN   Donation made by the Animal Welfare Ministry of St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Franklin, TN. 

Pugsley, much loved member of the household of Joe and Linda Gray of Spring Hill, TN.   Donation made by Jessica Jennette