Finally, home at last.

THE NORA STORIES:  This book is dedicated to all of the animals awaiting their forever homes, and to the hearts that find them.

Waiting for a home..

Nora and her new Dad. Happy dog & Happy man.

Who is Nora?.

Nora's family was one of thousands of people that saw a video of her in Atlanta Georgia getting a pedicure and brought her home to Nashville Tennessee on an Easter Sunday. This is a story of redemption and renewal, and ultimately one of love.

​Yes that is a fawn with Nora.  This shows the kind and gentle nature of Nora.  Learn more in The Nora Stories.

$1.00 from the sale of each book goes to People For Animals. 

Why The Nora Stories:

With so many homeless animals it is so very important to me [Liz Hecht] to help spread awareness regarding misunderstandings in breed discrimination, the critical need for spay and neuter and the dire importance of adopting as opposed to purchasing pets. It is my hope that these stories do justice to Nora, the sweetest pit bull in the land. 

Since 1986, speaking for those who can't speak for themselves.

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