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Diana L. Hurt

Diana is an Electronic Technician who works with AT&T, one of the largest telephone and internet service providers in the US. An AT&T employee since she was 18 years old, Diana has spent more than 30 years performing broad, extensive, highly technical telecom and service-related jobs. Today, she performs surveillance, analysis, and maintenance of all landline platforms for the entire AT&T Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and Western regions with over 20,000 links connecting 21 states.

Diana holds an Associate of Science and Professional Studies Degree from Columbia State Community College. She is a life-long resident of Maury County, TN, with a commitment to serving her community through her love of animals. Always a pet owner, Diana began to foster kittens and rehabilitate mother cats several years ago when she lost her beloved cat, Lucky, to old age. A half-starved stray kitten that Diana picked up from the roadside and nursed back to health, Lucky ultimately led a full, happy life and lived up to her name.

Diana has fostered and helped prepare dozens of kittens for adoption into loving permanent families. Returning spayed, healthy mother cats to safe environments is also a priority for Diana. It was her belief in a focus on prevention through a low cost spay and neutering program that drew Diana to PFA. Appointed to the board in 2023, Diana noted: “I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve on the PFA Board of Directors. I am committed to doing all that I can to prevent animal neglect and homelessness, and working with the board gives me an expanded platform to accomplish this.”